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Farmhouses for sale in the Aljezur area;

I will feature properties on this page [for free] if anyone would like to list them with me. Aljezur quinta rogil quinta Odeceixe quinta, Bordeira quinta 

Below are links to the Aljezur area estate agents that cover the areas of Bordeira, [Carrapateira], Aljezur, Rogil, and Odeceixe.
All of these have multiple language sites. Mostly with very little information on each property, and a few very small pictures.

The two big agencies are Remax and ERA

Two mid sized agencies in Aljezur;

Atlandilandia was renamed as  , but is now closed [2013]. has just opened an office in Aljezur with much of the portfolio that was dropped by Ambioasis.

I've met people from each of these, and they seemed ok to me. The smaller two in Aljezur have a better knowledge of the area and it's rules.
ERA can be a bit hard-sell.
In the end of course, it comes down to who has the property you want at the price you'll accept.

I know of a farm or two for sale north of Aljezur that are not listed with any local agent. I can only assume that the local people don't trust the local agents. Contact me if you want to know about these properties, they're quite interesting.

There are dozens of smaller agencies in Lagos that might list a farmhouse, and if you do a direct search on the internet you'll find a lot of sites.
If it's a registered Portuguese estate agent, it will have an AMI number. You can check it here; agent certification
Enter the AMI number in the box Licenca, and press the button Pesquisar [search].
There are a lot of commission agents out there who want a piece of you; they tell you they "know the area" and "have contacts". Mostly they just get their information straight from the websites above, then get a commission for bringing you to them.
Please note that This website is not commercial, I don't want a commission from you.
If you find a property through my site, you can bring me a pie or something.
I like home baked.

Many properties are listed with multiple agencies. That can be confusing, especially when they have different prices.

Don't be in a hurry; most of these properties have been on the market for months. If you don't like the price, make an offer.

One last thing; I found that "beach distance" if often quite fictitious. Use your car or satnav to measure the distance to the beach, town, or whatever. See how close it is to your agent's claims. That 3Km could be more like 7!
Distances often seem to be measured in minutes. I'm never sure exactly how far a minute is.