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Portugal Algarve west coast climate; The best weather in Europe?

Greece might have some claims, but mostly on islands that have limited access. There are political troubles too.

Within 5 Km of the Algarve west coast, there's a micro-climate where it stays marvelously cool in summer.

The weather in this area is ideal for about 10 months a year. It rains a lot in January and February though.

As the dry plains inland heat in the sun, hot air rises, pulling cooler air from the sea to replace it. This sea breeze is fresh, cool, and free of allergens.

Generally the west coast is 8-12 degrees cooler than the south coast on hot summer days.
If you're closer than 2, it can be a bit foggy at times. the truth about coastal property

Inland, it gets hot; very hot in midsummer, in the 40's, like the south coast. Those high temperatures can be nice when you're on holiday, but when you're living somewhere you like to get out of your chair and move around. Even in midsummer, the temperature rarely moves above 25C. in the microclimate area.

In winter, the Algarve weather is far milder than northern Europe, or even Northern Portugal. Sunny days on the west coast will be up around 18 mostly, but if it's cloudy or raining the temperature will drop to  12-15°.

Winter nights are usually around 10°, but can drop to zero or even below. Each time that happens, all the locals tell me it never happens.
Most houses in southern Portugal are built without heating systems. There is a belief among the old people here that heated houses are bad for the health. see Heating options. You don't need as much heat as in the north, but you do need some.

Summer nights are mostly comfortable in the coastal area [5 km], If you're inland, most northerners will want air-conditioning, at least in the bedroom.

If you're going to move all the way to Portugal, why buy a place where it's too hot in summer and too cold in winter? Live near the west coast if you can.

The best weather forecast for the coastal areas is