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When I first found their website I was pretty unimpressed. It goes on and on about how your membership fee will pay for itself through all the discounts you get as a member. well, I don't play golf or rent cars often, so I passed it by.
But as we toured the Algarve and met expats who live here, several of them told me about AFPOP.
They're a very good organization, who can help smooth your way in Portugal. They will recommend lawyers [I'd join up for that alone] and assist you with experienced advice whenever you need it.

We get our auto and health insurance through their group plans, which has a double benefit; a cheaper rate, and the muscle of the huge client base they bring to the insurance company. If I have a dispute, I have AFPOP to help me negotiate.

They do a lot of social meet-ups and so on as well if you go in for that sort of thing.